Let Nature be your teacher

    William Wordsworth

Water tension activity at Biobonanza

Walking on Water:

Water Strider Physics

An Interactive Display Designed for The University of Kentucky's Dept. of Biology

This family-friendly activity taught elementary students about surface tension and the insects that are adapted to survival on the water surface. 

Students learning about water tension

Earth Day:

Aquatic Insects as water health indicators

In Collaboration with

Amanda Hetzel, Science Teacher

Julius Marks Elementary School

In April 2016-2018, I helped ~100 3rd and 5th grade students use dip-nets and D-nets to capture aquatic insects from a stream.  To complement their in-class lessons on organisms as environmental indicators, we identified our captured insects and discussed the health of their local stream.

Ecology evolution metapopulation behavior

Aquatic insect sampling
Aquatic insect sampling